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The solution to back pain when sitting.

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Uncategorized

The solution to no back pain while sitting is, not to ever sit down. Well, we know this is never going to happen. I’ve been in practice as a Chiropractor for 25 years, and my mother has been in practice as a physical therapist for 40 plus years. The number one complaint were constantly getting is, how can I get rid of low back pain when sitting? The answer is in the mechanism of injury. I’ve read hundreds of blogs recently on this subject, and known really gets in correct. First, when someone is in pain, this means he/she has compressed and sensory nerve enough to pass their specific pain threshold. Next, what is compressing or tearing the sensory nerves? When someone is sitting the holes where the nerve roots exit, AKA IVF’s, decompress or “open up”. So, when someone tells me they have spinal stenosis that worsened with sitting, they are completely mis diagnosed. When siting the Intervertebral Disc are axial compressing at a much higher rate than standing or walking. When the sitting posture is poor, expect the dic pressure to increase. The main question is, ” how can I decompress the disc in my back when sitting?” My recommendation would be to visit a very good Chiropractor for this solution. One who is not into temporary relief, but corrective care type work. Physical Therapy is good, but limited. Acupuncture is good fo pain relief, but will not structurally do anything. Of coarse pain medication is not the answer to the problem, but could make other systems very stressed out. Lastly, surgery is the final procedure that anyone should try. Out of the 500 plus lower back pain patients, about 3-5 per years get refereed to surgery. Give us a call at 310-371-3134 if you like us to exam you low back pain. Use this new patient offerRedondo Beach Sciatica Treatment if there are any financial concerns