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Redondo Beach Neck Pain Specialist

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The Redondo Beach Neck Pain Specialist Dr. Brad Barez

I've been going to Dr. Brad Barez at Back to Health Chiropractic in Redondo Beach for about 6 years now. As I've gotten older I've been experiencing more and more neck pain. Probably due to the the fact that I spend most of my days sitting in front of a computer and typing. Dr. Barez really knows how to adjust my neck to give me the benefit and relief that I need from chronic neck pain. While I don't regularly experience back pain, I do occasionally feel some discomfort in my back. It's great to be able to go to a chiropractor that knows how to treat these symptoms.

Each appointment takes about 20-25 minutes and makes a huge difference in my life. I try to visit Back to Health Chiropractic at least once a month. While I'm there I make heavy use out of the comfortable traction machines that are in the office. I will usually spend about 10-15 minutes on the traction machines. After that I will see Dr. Barez and get adjusted. I've always had issues with my hips getting out of alignment and this is a regularly ocurring anomaly in my body. That's why it's great to visit Dr. Brad and have him re-align my hips and getting everything back on track.

Back to Health Chiropractic of Redondo Beach truly has gotten me back to health.

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