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The solution to back pain when sitting.

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The solution to no back pain while sitting is, not to ever sit down. Well, we know this is never going to happen. I’ve been in practice as a Chiropractor for 25 years, and my mother has been in practice as a physical therapist for 40 plus years. The number one complaint were constantly getting is, how can I get rid of low back pain when sitting? The answer is in the mechanism of injury. I’ve read hundreds of blogs recently on this subject, and known really gets in correct. First, when someone is in pain, this means he/she has compressed and sensory nerve enough to pass their specific pain threshold. Next, what is compressing or tearing the sensory nerves? When someone is sitting the holes where the nerve roots exit, AKA IVF’s, decompress or “open up”. So, when someone tells me they have spinal stenosis that worsened with sitting, they are completely mis diagnosed. When siting the Intervertebral Disc are axial compressing at a much higher rate than standing or walking. When the sitting posture is poor, expect the dic pressure to increase. The main question is, ” how can I decompress the disc in my back when sitting?” My recommendation would be to visit a very good Chiropractor for this solution. One who is not into temporary relief, but corrective care type work. Physical Therapy is good, but limited. Acupuncture is good fo pain relief, but will not structurally do anything. Of coarse pain medication is not the answer to the problem, but could make other systems very stressed out. Lastly, surgery is the final procedure that anyone should try. Out of the 500 plus lower back pain patients, about 3-5 per years get refereed to surgery. Give us a call at 310-371-3134 if you like us to exam you low back pain. Use this new patient offerRedondo Beach Sciatica Treatment if there are any financial concerns

Who Needs A Chiropractic Adjustment?

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Chiropractic Adjustment for Pain Relief and Prevention:

Research proves pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. A good Chiropractic Adjustment decompresses nerves that are compressed. Primarily, the bones or disc of the spine compresses nerves.

“The Chiropractic Adjustment” decompresses nerves and makes you feel good. Drugs mask symptoms, and doesn’t treat the Cause of the Problem. Medications may produce more problems.


Extra: Only 20% of the nerves of the body control pain, compressing the other 80% of nerves cause other problem. (See below)

Optimal Body Function:

80% of nerves in the body control every tissue, system, and cellular process of your body. “The chiropractic adjustment” decompresses nerves in the body, increasing nerve supply to the body, which increases body function. Remember, even your heart is controlled and coordinated by the Nervous System. Keeping the Nervous System Decompressed even optimizes the most important organ function. This is not Theory, but fact.

Maintain and Optimizing Mobility:

When any joint misaligns, the mobility of that joint will decrease, and wear down. The Chiropractic Adjustment will realign joints in the body, Increasing Mobility fast.

Decreasing Arthritis:

Most patients think arthritis is Genetic. This is a myth. It’s a Law of Nature. When any moving part is “misaligned”, it starts the wearing, or degenerating process. When moving bones (such as the 32 moving segments of your spine) misalign, the wearing process begins. This wear process in the body is called Osteoarthritis.

There are many benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment. Here are four great reasons why everyone should get an occasional adjustment. The Occasional Chiropractic Adjustment will decrease any Nerve Pressure that’s building and Realigns wearing joints in the body. If Preventing Pain, Arthritis, and Increasing Mobility and Body Function are important, the occasional adjustment NEEDS to be done.

Don’t Wait for Pain:

Does your Dentist say “comeback when you’re in pain”? I hope not. Prevention to your teeth is done with brushing, flossing and occasional Dental check-ups. The “spinal bones” need prevention just like your teeth. An occasional chiropractic adjustment 1-2 times per month will keep you healthier. We value Caring, Quality and Convenience with all patients.


To schedule a “spinal check-up”, please call us at your convenience. We Commit the Care Back into Health.  

Redondo Beach Neck Pain Specialist

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The Redondo Beach Neck Pain Specialist Dr. Brad Barez

I've been going to Dr. Brad Barez at Back to Health Chiropractic in Redondo Beach for about 6 years now. As I've gotten older I've been experiencing more and more neck pain. Probably due to the the fact that I spend most of my days sitting in front of a computer and typing. Dr. Barez really knows how to adjust my neck to give me the benefit and relief that I need from chronic neck pain. While I don't regularly experience back pain, I do occasionally feel some discomfort in my back. It's great to be able to go to a chiropractor that knows how to treat these symptoms.

Each appointment takes about 20-25 minutes and makes a huge difference in my life. I try to visit Back to Health Chiropractic at least once a month. While I'm there I make heavy use out of the comfortable traction machines that are in the office. I will usually spend about 10-15 minutes on the traction machines. After that I will see Dr. Barez and get adjusted. I've always had issues with my hips getting out of alignment and this is a regularly ocurring anomaly in my body. That's why it's great to visit Dr. Brad and have him re-align my hips and getting everything back on track.

Back to Health Chiropractic of Redondo Beach truly has gotten me back to health.

Redondo Beach Sciatica Treatment

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Patient Testimonial for Redondo Beach Sciatica Treatment

The following is a testimonial about Redondo Beach Sciatica Treatment from one of our Chiropractic customers:

"Thank you Dr. Barez and the staff at Back to Healthcare Chiropractic. I recently moved to Redondo Beach, CA from the East Coast and was worried about my Sciatica treatment. I suffered an injury playing sports in college and have needed sports chiropractic treatment ever since. After my first visit, I could tell I found my permanent physical therapy and sciatica treatment specialists. Everyone at Back to Healthcare was informative, professional and genuinely cared about my well being. My leg pain, as well as my back pain and neck pain have subsided considerably and I'm very thankful for it. Thanks again! – Thomas, Redondo Beach"

Back Pain Treatment in Hermosa Beach

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Do you have back pain? Do you have neck pain? Is it affecting your ability to enjoy life? Is it affecting your ability to work? Exercise?

If this is the case, you should know that there is a cure. One that doesn't require and surgery or drugs. That cure is Chiropractic! You need neck pain or back pain treatment. Dr. Brad Barez of Hermosa Beach Back to Health Care is an expert in treating back pain and treating neck pain. Dr. Brad has been treating patients in the South Bay for over 15 years. He has successfully treated thousands of patients at his Hermosa Beach back treatment facility. Dr. Brad specializes in Sports Chiropractic, this doesn't mean that you have to be an athlete to go to Dr. Brad, quite the contrary. Because Back to Health Care is accustomed to treating athletes, just think what they can do for you! Relieve back pain, relieve neck pain, give you back a pain free life!

We want you to come in to Back to Health Chiropractic and see for yourself what chiropractor treatment can do for you. That is why we are offering a New Patient Offer with a value of over $250 dollars to you for a donation to our charity. This is truly a great opportunity. Not only can you come in and get back treatment or neck treatment, but you can also help out a charity with a tax deductible donation. Please feel free to give us a call any time during the week at our offices in Hermosa Beach and we will see just as soon as we can. Give us a call today! 310-371-3134

Redondo Beach Chiropractor

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Redondo Beach is where our offices are located and if you are suffering from any kind of back pain or neck pain, this Redondo Beach Chiropractor is for you. Dr. Brad Barez has been practicing in the South Bay for over 15 years. He is very experienced in helping his patients find neck pain relief and back pain relief. Dr. Brad uses Gentle Chiropractic methods in order to achieve the maximum amount of pain relief for his clients.

Being so close to Redondo Beach allows him to enjoy the great lifestyle that the South Bay has to offer. The environment in Redondo Beach lends itself to a very active and sports-minded community. Specializing in Sports Chiropractic has meant that Dr. Brad is able to treat local athletes for injuries they have suffered playing Volleyball, Surfing, water sports, running on the beach, and hiking.

Make sure to take advantage of our New Patient offer extended to those living in Redondo Beach, CA. This is a great way to meet the doctor, get your back pain and neck pain looked at in a professional environment at the best Redondo Beach Chiropractic facility.

Torrance Chiropractor

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Offices located at the South Bay crossroads, right across the street from Nordstrom's at the South Bay Galleria, allow Back to Healthcare Chiropractic to serve the City of Torrance. Residents of Torrance have been coming to see Dr. Brad Barez for many years in order to treat back pain and neck pain. Dr. Brad has been very successful in treating all types of lower back pain and upper back pain with his great acumen for Chiropractic methodology. The Daily Breeze has denoted Dr. Barez as the Best Torrance Chiropractor for 2009. You can go to the website of the Daily Breeze and see where it lists the best for Torrance Chiropractic.

Dr. Barez works out of his office at Back to Healthcare Chiropractic. These facilities are very well equipped to assist with Physical Therapy as well as Massage Therapy. All of our Torrance Massage therapists are licensed and the recent addition to our facility of more square-footage has allowed us to provide Physical Therapy in Torrance as well.

We hope that you will take advantage of our New Patient Offer and come in and see us at Back to Healthcare. Please feel free to call us at 310-371-3134 or email Dr. Brad at See what makes Torrance Chiropractic so great!