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Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Cause Stroke

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Torrance Chiropractic


So I had a 39 year old female patient come in yesterdneck adjustmentsay with chronic neck pain. After taking her extensive history on her neck pain, she commented on the four epidural injections she had, how the 5 daily pain medications, and physical therapy didn't help her. (Remember, I love how the body heals itself, so sometimes these things make you feel better.) We did a thorough examination and took digital X-rays of her neck. After, I presented her condition, and I prescribed Chiropractic adjustments, stretching exercises, ergonomics and home postural changes, and I advised her to remain in care with her Medical Doctor.

Then it happened, she stated, " I don't want a Chiropractic Adjustment of my neck, because I might have a stroke and die."

I said, "Yes, this is a chance, but getting struck by lighting while sleeping in bed on a summer night could happen as well."

Neck Adjustments

I asked where she received this information about neck adjustments? She said she went online and read a "medical review article." Even today, there are some Medical Doctors or some other motivated individuals writing articles against the tools of our profession. NON-SENSE. Pure NON-SENSE. Any decent Chiropractor will do an examination and history that rules our any risk of injury including Stroke/CVA. The Chiropractic Adjustment should never comprise the vertebral arteries when done correct. I’ve adjusted hundreds of thousands of necks and not had one stroke or CVA. Now, I’ve also elected to use NON-Force adjusting techniques on the cervical spine all the time. So don’t be afraid of getting neck adjustments from a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic. If you want more information on this visit:

Professional Opinions

Also, anyone who’s not an expert in the Chiropractic profession should not comment and give “professional opinions” on our professional techniques. Likewise, I will give my professional opinion on dentistry as a Doctor of Chiropractor. Please be very careful what you read. There are people still discriminating for their interest. I’m sure you already know that. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come on in, or send them to me. Our Chiropractic office is located in Torrance, California, and my personal email is



Who Needs A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Torrance Chiropractic, Uncategorized

Chiropractic Adjustment for Pain Relief and Prevention:

Research proves pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. A good Chiropractic Adjustment decompresses nerves that are compressed. Primarily, the bones or disc of the spine compresses nerves.

“The Chiropractic Adjustment” decompresses nerves and makes you feel good. Drugs mask symptoms, and doesn’t treat the Cause of the Problem. Medications may produce more problems.


Extra: Only 20% of the nerves of the body control pain, compressing the other 80% of nerves cause other problem. (See below)

Optimal Body Function:

80% of nerves in the body control every tissue, system, and cellular process of your body. “The chiropractic adjustment” decompresses nerves in the body, increasing nerve supply to the body, which increases body function. Remember, even your heart is controlled and coordinated by the Nervous System. Keeping the Nervous System Decompressed even optimizes the most important organ function. This is not Theory, but fact.

Maintain and Optimizing Mobility:

When any joint misaligns, the mobility of that joint will decrease, and wear down. The Chiropractic Adjustment will realign joints in the body, Increasing Mobility fast.

Decreasing Arthritis:

Most patients think arthritis is Genetic. This is a myth. It’s a Law of Nature. When any moving part is “misaligned”, it starts the wearing, or degenerating process. When moving bones (such as the 32 moving segments of your spine) misalign, the wearing process begins. This wear process in the body is called Osteoarthritis.

There are many benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment. Here are four great reasons why everyone should get an occasional adjustment. The Occasional Chiropractic Adjustment will decrease any Nerve Pressure that’s building and Realigns wearing joints in the body. If Preventing Pain, Arthritis, and Increasing Mobility and Body Function are important, the occasional adjustment NEEDS to be done.

Don’t Wait for Pain:

Does your Dentist say “comeback when you’re in pain”? I hope not. Prevention to your teeth is done with brushing, flossing and occasional Dental check-ups. The “spinal bones” need prevention just like your teeth. An occasional chiropractic adjustment 1-2 times per month will keep you healthier. We value Caring, Quality and Convenience with all patients.


To schedule a “spinal check-up”, please call us at your convenience. We Commit the Care Back into Health.  

How does Sciatica happen?

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Torrance Chiropractic

I had a new patient come into the office last week and she was complaining of lower back pain as well as pain in her left buttocks. On her intake form she had mentioned she thought it might be cyatica (really spelled sciatica). Nowadays, sciatica is a fairly common word and many people know someone who has had or currently suffers with symptoms commonly known as sciatica.  Her husband sat in the chair in the room and after I took her history he asked, “How does this really happen?”  He said he had been researching on the internet and that he knows it can be caused by muscles, bones and discs.  So I explained to him that without my x-ray goggles or even having had laid a hand on his wife I wouldn’t be able to make a diagnosis.


What he had said was correct though.  Pressure on the sciatic nerve, which causes the condition known as sciatica, can be caused by many things, including but not limited to, muscles, bones, and discs.  After completing her exam and taking lumbar x-rays I was able to determine that her sciatic nerve pressure was being caused both by misaligned vertebrae, or subluxations, as well as intervertebral disc compression.

After only one week of treating her with chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and nutrition we have been able to reduce her symptoms dramatically and even her husband is a new patient at Back to Healthcare! 

Could your back pain be a disc?

Written by DrBrad. Posted in Torrance Chiropractic

There are many causes of back pain. A bulging or herniated disc causes one of the most common types of back pain. The “disc” is cartilage between the vertebrae of your spine. The disc is mostly composed of water, however, its very hard in nature. The main purposes of the vertebra disc are to protect the nerve roots and the spinal cord from compression. Sometimes the disc of the spine bulges or compresses the nerve exiting the spine.


This could cause pain if these two components are involved:

      The compressed nerves need to be sensory nerves, meaning nerves that control pain
or sensation.

      The nerves need to be compressed enough to pass pain thresholds. Everyone has a
different pain threshold.

Diagnosing a Protruding, Bulging, Herniated, Wedged, or Prolapsed Disc & Disc Pain

Most experienced experts in back pain, including Chiropractors, Orthopedists, and Neurologists, can diagnose a disc problem with a patient history and examination of complaint. Today, we can use an MRI, which is like an x-ray of the soft tissue. An MRI can determine if a disc is bulging, herniated, or sequestered. Sometimes an MRI is still not conclusive, due to the fact a patient needs to be supine (laying down) in an MRI machine. Some patients don’t apply enough pressure to a nerve in the supine position, therefore the disc doesn’t bulge on the MRI image.

If you have back pain and would like to determine if your pain is caused by a disc, give Back to Healthcare of Torrance & Redondo Beach a call at 310-371-3134.

Also, feel free to contact Doctor Brad Barez via email.: