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Back Pain Treatment in Hermosa Beach

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Do you have back pain? Do you have neck pain? Is it affecting your ability to enjoy life? Is it affecting your ability to work? Exercise?

If this is the case, you should know that there is a cure. One that doesn't require and surgery or drugs. That cure is Chiropractic! You need neck pain or back pain treatment. Dr. Brad Barez of Hermosa Beach Back to Health Care is an expert in treating back pain and treating neck pain. Dr. Brad has been treating patients in the South Bay for over 15 years. He has successfully treated thousands of patients at his Hermosa Beach back treatment facility. Dr. Brad specializes in Sports Chiropractic, this doesn't mean that you have to be an athlete to go to Dr. Brad, quite the contrary. Because Back to Health Care is accustomed to treating athletes, just think what they can do for you! Relieve back pain, relieve neck pain, give you back a pain free life!

We want you to come in to Back to Health Chiropractic and see for yourself what chiropractor treatment can do for you. That is why we are offering a New Patient Offer with a value of over $250 dollars to you for a donation to our charity. This is truly a great opportunity. Not only can you come in and get back treatment or neck treatment, but you can also help out a charity with a tax deductible donation. Please feel free to give us a call any time during the week at our offices in Hermosa Beach and we will see just as soon as we can. Give us a call today! 310-371-3134

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